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Working with a financial adviser

We understand that making financial decisions beyond your super is a big deal and it isn’t easy if you aren’t sure you have all the facts. That’s where a financial adviser can really help you, and why we created AvSuper Advice. How to get started? It is a good idea to...

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Building more super

So you've done some analysis of your super and it falls short of what you estimate needing in retirement. Don't give up just yet as there things you can do about this situation... Contribute more to super NOW The sooner it is in your super account, the sooner it can...

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Transfer Balance Cap

A Government imposed maximum balance (known as a transfer balance cap) for Australian Income Streams was introduced on 1 July 2017. Previously, there had not been a limit on how much money could be in an Income Stream. For 2017-18 and 2018-19, the cap is $1.6 million...

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Income Stream Health checks

AvSuper Member Advice Consultants can review your income stream with you every year or so, just to ensure everything is on track and providing the best retirement for your situation. Simply call or book online to arrange a time that suits you. ** ASFA retirement...

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